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The Festival and Congress Centre is located in the Palace of Culture and Science, in the very heart of Warsaw. It is where most of the events will take place, including performances, workshops, lectures, seminars and the meeting of the General Assembly. All of the planned events will take place in cooperation with six theatres that host performances during the KORCZAK Festival 2014. The hosting theatres are as follows: Lalka Theatre, Studio Theatre, 6th Floor Theatre, Dramatyczny Theatre, Powszechny Theatre Baj Theatre and Guliwer Theatre. The first four are located in the Palace of Culture and Science. Powszechny Theatre is located 5 tram stops from the Festival and Congress Centre. Baj Theatre will also be the host of the Next Generation Program.

The Congress Office and the Festival Office are located in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. A majority of events that accompany the Festival and the Congress are taking place in the city centre. During the whole Festival many events for children and parents will be held in the vicinity the Palace. On the Children’s Day a special Child Zone will be opened to which all citizens of Warsaw are invited.

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