The Polish Centre of ASSITEJ – Warsaw

The Polish Centre of the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People ASSITEJ (Association Internationale du Théâtre pour l’Enfance et la Jeunesse) is one of over seventy national ASSITEJ centres in the world, creating and promoting theatre for young audience. The associations are assembled under the worldwide management (ASSITEJ International – The ASSITEJ General Secretary’s Office presently operates in Zagreb (Croatia).
The Polish Centre of ASSITEJ was registered in March 1981. Presently, the Board of the Association is led by Halina Machulska (President since 1984) and Professor Maciej Wojtyszko (Vice-President).The members of the Polish Centre of ASSITEJ are mainly artists creating children’s theatre, actors, theatre educators and theatre companies as supporting members.
The Polish Centre of ASSITEJ popularises Polish theatre for children and young people abroad. It organises international exchange of theatres for children and young people. For numerous partners from abroad the Polish Centre of ASSITEJ is an important consultative body and a source of information about the Polish theatre for children and young people.
The Polish Centre of ASSITEJ’s activity encompasses: Halina and Jan Machulski’s Acting School at the Polish Centre of ASSITEJ, At the Machulskis’ Drama Centre, summer drama camps, a national competition for young playwrights “Looking for the Polish Shakespeare”, Young Translators competition and drama (theatre techniques in the process of education) workshops.
The Polish ASSITEJ Centre organises the 18th edition of the ASSITEJ World Congress and a special edition of the KORCZAK Festival, both will be held in May 2014.


The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute documents, promotes and animates Polish theatrical life. It moderates the public debate on modern Polish theatre and broadens the perspectives of the accompanying research by initiating publications, lecture series and workshops, as well as by conducting research programmes.

Thus, the Institute's Documentation Studio goal is to gather on-going documentation and manage the largest collection of theatre paraphernalia in Poland: photos, newspaper articles, documents, theatre programmes, posters, designs, recordings of performances, and an intensive digitalization of the collection, thereby creating the largest thematic virtual archive in Poland - and one of the most modern in the world - in the form of a website fully devoted to Polish theatre. The website publishes all of the current news on Polish theatrical life. The site, updated several times daily, is accessed by approx. 20000 visitors every day.

Meetings of curators and critics from all over the world are held during the Festival, which serves as a forum for promoting Polish theatre.

Once every three months, the Theatre Institute prepares a newsletter entitled "Poland On Stage", published in three language versions: English, Russian and Spanish. The newsletter is devoted to the biggest theatre premieres in Poland and the people behind them. Each issue also includes reviews of theatre festivals and profiles of young directors and theatre groups.

The "School and Theatre" project is the first programme in Poland which aims to create an ongoing partnership between schools and theatres. The main goal is to initiate cooperation with theatres and primary schools, middle schools and high schools, and to step up dialogue between pupils and theatre artists.



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